Welcome to Dr Phil Bartender
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What makes a great bartender?

"Two parts talent, one part service, one part improvisation, one part empathy & shake well".

Welcome to Dr Phil Bartender!

Hiring a professional Bartender brings class and sophistication to your special event.

One of the most important traits in a good bartender is hiring someone that is professionally trained and experienced. This ensures you and your guests will receive a responsible service by an individual who has the knowledge associated with responsible drinking laws. 

Dr Phil Bartender is an experienced, certified, and highly professional bartender

He has served alcohol at hundreds of special occasions, home parties and even some of the most prestigious events.  There is no doubt he will make your special occasion the best that it can be because he prides himself on his professionalism.

No cost liquor consulting

When hiring Dr Phil Bartender you will receive a no cost consultation. He takes the time to discuss the important details of your event in advance.  This helps both of you assess what’s required for a creating a successful party. Some of the important information a professional bartender needs is the type of event (including age range), the location, the hours, number of guests, types of liquor to be served.  For example, you might want a full bar or maybe a specialized cocktail list with a special theme. The initial consultation is the best time to determine all the details. From here a shopping list will be provided, and then all you need to do is purchase the alcohol, as determined.

Dr Phil Bartender always arrives early to your event to setup

Dr Phil Bartender brings the ice and all the garnishes which have been carefully prepared in advance.  He will have his own bar tools such as shakers, strainers, etc, but will not supply glassware, mixers or the alcohol itself. 

Attire is formal (black slacks and white button-down shirt, tie & vest) unless otherwise specified. 

Minimum booking time is four hours which includes the prep and set up time.

















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